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Re: Answer from Pierre to Joksa
geschrieben von: joksa ()
Datum: 23. April 2001 21:17

~~Alfred (Fred) asked me to contact you via site board, in order[br]
~~to ask a favour - I am restoring commo-b cpe 28EC, and in order[br]
~~to put everything as original, I would need good pictures of the[br]
~~enginebay with clear sight of the wiring and other setups.[br]
~~Plese check this possibility and inform me if there is nothing to do.[br]
~~Thanks in advance, I hope this is not bohtering you too much[br]
~~vielen danke, gruss, joksa[br]
~Hello Joksa,[br]
~I'll be glad to help, and no, you not bothering me at all. One little snag however. All the Commodore Bs in the UK (where I live at the moment, are right hand drive, and therefore will have a different engine bay layout to your car, which I suppose is lhd. I would rather suggest you contacted the Commo B club Deutschland, who are dedicated to your car, where I'm sure some members will have original cars and could take photos from the engine bay to help you in your restoration. If you would like some addresses, please contact me and I'll be glad to assist. [br]
~Cheers [br]
Ok, Thanks for your answer, I will try to ask help from German colleques...[br]
Never the less, I have been trying to chase for that kind of pics for[br]
atleast half a year, but havent seen them so much...[br]
Anyway by trying and failing I will put my commo to sing before summer[br]
with finnish "sisu" or by lucky success...[br]
In case we see somewhere in German meetings or something, you bet[br]
I will offer finnish beer for you..[br]
regards, joksa/Hyvinkaa/Finland[br]

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